Monday, December 17, 2007

Welcome to blog

Welcome to value investing blog. Yes! this blog as some would have figured out by it's name deals with value investing.

So what do we mean by value investing? Value investing at it's core is simple. You attempt to buy dollar bills for less than a dollar. Hence the name. Different value investors use different strategies to achieve that goal. Some use bankruptcies to pick up gems, some use spin off situations and some prefer buying fallen down quality stocks, some buy companies with the hope of enhancing value and so on. But the general idea is same... that is buy stocks or business with value greater than their selling price. Ben Graham's simple but powerful concept is true today as it was many decades ago.

Postings in this blog will be of two types. One will focus on value investing, it's different methods, thoughts and links from other great investors related to this topic. You could call this theory behind investing.

The second type of posts will deal with investments that the author considers under valued. We will also cover some cases where we think the low price is infact a value trap.

Needless to say, author does not have any crystal ball about the future. Investing is essentially forward looking. You know the past but need to make a reasonable estimation of future which inherantly no one has control over. So use this site for learning and to possibly get a few starting ideas (if you are lucky) to do your own due diligence. This is not just a regular legal disclaimer. It is much more than that. It is very important for you to understand completely what investments you are getting into especially when things dont go as you expected (which occurs more than you would think!).

Lastly, welcome to this blog again and I hope you leave this blog a little wiser than you came and that is a high bar!

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